Saturday, 14 January 2012

Alexander mcqueen

Okay so everyone who knows me, knows i LOVE Alexander McQueen! oh & skulls! Was literally searching all over the internet to find where i could purchase one of his rings, Its a plain band with skulls all the way around. So i found out that my local Harvey Nicholls stocked this! (mega excited face) except the price! it was 85 pounds which is a reasonable price for Alexander McQueen but not when it is only silver plated! So pondered about buying it, Next day i go & have a look at it in the shop friend then discovered the sale section, BINGOOOOOOOO!!! They had the ring i wanted in the sale for just 45 pounds! my face was an  absolute picture all day! We all love a good bargain 

still cant stop looking at it! ha :)


Okay so this my first ever blog post! being a complete sheep as everyone seems to blog blog blog! now i know what the fuss is about! First of all i just want to rave about my new job if you have not already heard i am now a Smashbox employee aka (makeup consultant) which is a dream! working with makeup who wouldn't love that? Okay so i know a lot of the bloggers have never heard of 'Smashbox' before & it was driving me mad as i just wanted someone to hurry up and blog about how amazing our primers are! Therefore decided to start my own blog to show you some of our products we sell, exspecially as were quite a difficult brand to find. Were exclusive to Debenhams only in the UK, and pretty much everywhere in the USA.

First of all going to show you our primer!
'The perfect way to make a perfect canvas'
Okay so this 30ml tube has got a silky smooth finish to it, All of our primers are oil free so they don't clog your skin and give you that horrible heavy feel, All you need is a pea sized amount and to rub all over your face, this gives the skin a perfect canvas to work on as it smooths over pores and fine lines to give u that smooth base to apply your foundation on, We do a wide range of different primers, from dry skin, to color correcting, to fine lines, to one with an SPF and many more! You really need to try this product yourself to understand just how amazingly it really is! We are situated in most Debenhams stores around the UK so when you get a moment pop in a ask to try it! We don't bite! ;) Also did you know were most know for our primers!