Saturday, 14 January 2012

Alexander mcqueen

Okay so everyone who knows me, knows i LOVE Alexander McQueen! oh & skulls! Was literally searching all over the internet to find where i could purchase one of his rings, Its a plain band with skulls all the way around. So i found out that my local Harvey Nicholls stocked this! (mega excited face) except the price! it was 85 pounds which is a reasonable price for Alexander McQueen but not when it is only silver plated! So pondered about buying it, Next day i go & have a look at it in the shop friend then discovered the sale section, BINGOOOOOOOO!!! They had the ring i wanted in the sale for just 45 pounds! my face was an  absolute picture all day! We all love a good bargain 

still cant stop looking at it! ha :)

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  1. I loooove it!
    Laur x